Get Lucky – Lila Monroe

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Rating – 4 stars

This book was a complete cliche and I am HERE FOR IT!

From the get go I knew this book was going to grab my attention, I was laughing within the first few pages of picking it up, it was hilariously written by Monroe. The entertainment value of this book is completely off the scale, I hadn’t laughed at a book so much in ages until I read this one. I really enjoyed reading it and would definitely recommend it if you were looking for a light hearted, fun romance read.

I feel us not knowing a lot about Julia and Nate to start off with was better for the story, which seems like an odd thing to say but let me expand… The entire premise of this book revolves around Julia and Nate retracing their steps to figure out what wild things they got up to the night before and not knowing anything about them meant that EVERYTHING was a surprise to us!

But as the story went on we did get to know them more and I was completely obsessed with them both.

The writing of this story was another high point for me. The author had this way of making us cry with laughter whilst also maintaining a somewhat mysterious atmosphere AND writing smut. Which I thoroughly enjoyed…

And the plot, whilst very predictable, was also so good! The whole blackout drunk/retracing their steps really helped add the edge to the story that it needed to make it stand out that little bit more. The entire book was a cliche, including the ending, but I knew that and I went into the story expecting it which is why I enjoyed it so much!

On the whole, I loved reading Get Lucky by Lila Monroe, it was a hilarious book that filled me with joy after I’d finished reading it.

Em xxx

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