The Lying Room – Nicci French

Link to book –

Rating – 3 out of 5 stars

My overarching feeling of this book is that it just wasn’t worth the read, it was average and that’s about it.

The plot was incredibly difficult to grasp and locate amongst the book, it felt as though we were being dragged all over the place with no clear direction. To me, it felt as though the author had lots of good ideas that just didn’t translate onto the page and instead of picking just one and rolling with it, tried to incorporate them all into the book. It was too much.

I did feel disappointed in the ending but after sitting on it for a few more days I grew to enjoy the ambiguity of it and it did slightly redeem itself…

There were also a few points within the book where I just sat and thought “wtf is going on” it seemed to be very messy and chaotic and hard to pick apart (and not in a good way).

That being said, the characters were intriguing in their own right and despite me not really warming to any of them or liking them I did really enjoy reading about them. I will say though that there were just too many people, it got a tad confusing!

And the writing definitely was something else that I enjoyed, it crossed to flashbacks at various points which really added an extra layer to the story.

However, those alone weren’t enough to support the actual plot of the book and make this anything more than an average read.

Until next time, Em xxx


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