The Lies We Tell – Meg Carter

Link to book – The Lies We Tell by Meg Carter.

Rating – 2 out of 5 stars.

I was initially drawn to this book by the cover and the premise, which both screamed out to me that this book was going to be amazing… Unfortunately, this was not the case.

The entire book was filled with grammatical errors and sentences where I had to reread several times because I wasn’t sure if I just had stopped concentrating properly or if it just didn’t make sense (spoiler alert: it was the latter).

I also felt as though the entire thing was incredibly far fetched – which I usually don’t have an issue with in books, like it’s a story go nuts, write what you want, but it felt to me as though the author was trying to pitch this one as a gritty real life drama, which it wasn’t.

Plot wise, it could have been so good, the middle of the book I actually thought was really cleverly done (the rest was a bit convoluted) and if it had continued in that same vein it would have been a really good thriller.

However, the writing style just was not for me. There was no atmosphere or real intrigue to the story, the timelines bounce around way too much and it’s incredibly difficult to keep track of the different twists and turns the author has tried to throw in.

I do think the split between timelines could have worked, if only the author had provided chapter headings to show a clear definition in the story it would have helped the book make more sense.

And the characters… All of them were just downright irritating and weird and not at all likeable or even interesting.

On the whole, this book was really disappointing and definitely didn’t live up to the expectation of the cover and blurb.

Until next time, Em xxx


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