ARC – Meet Me in the Margins – Melissa Ferguson

Link to book –

Rating – 3 stars

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson Fiction for the advanced copy of this book to read and review.

I’m really in two minds about this book as there was aspects I absolutely adored and parts that I just felt didn’t work so well.

The characters were a big hit for me, our story was narrated by Savannah who clearly is having a hard time feeling like she’s the least successful of the family. Savannah’s character, whilst annoying at points I will admit, was like a breath of fresh air and I found it really pleasant to read the book from her POV.

I also liked our side characters, although I do feel the author could have taken a little more time to develop them and include them in the story more, it would have added real value for me.

The writing itself was another high point, as I felt the author managed to craft this glorious setting for Meet Me in the Margins… It’s set in a publishing house!!! Our main character is an editor!!! I honestly got so excited when I started reading it and I learnt this information. It felt incredibly real as the author was writing about an ARC room and how bookfluencers can get their hands on early release copies, it just felt like I’d been transported into a magical dream.

However, I did feel that the plot let this book down. It didn’t feel to me as if this book had a purpose or an end goal. I found myself struggling at points to really get stuck into the story and hooked on it. Which I think is part of the reason why it took me quite a while to read it.

And on the same vein, the romance aspect of this story just didn’t work. It felt more like an afterthought, as other than a few comments here and there about Savannah’s crush and her love life it only really came to fruition in the epilogue. It felt very rushed to me.

On the whole, Meet Me in the Margins was definitely a book I enjoyed reading! I just felt it needed a bit more on the romance side to really help this story elevate itself.

Until next time, Em xxx


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