The Good Girlfriend’s Guide To Getting Even – Anna Bell

Link to book – The Good Girlfriend’s Guide To Getting Even by Anna Bell.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

As a HUGEEEEEEEEEE sports fan I found this book to be absolutely hilarious, I definitely could see it from both POV and I just want to say that I did complain to my bff because she scheduled her wedding (of which I was maid of honour for) in the middle of a football match…

Anyway, back to my book review!

From the get go, I absolutely loved Lexi as a character, she seemed to have a bit about her and just seemed like the normal girl absolutely fuming with her boyfriends obsessive sports watching. It was actually quite refreshing how she was portrayed in the story, as just a normal girl.

Will, on the other hand, I have mixed feelings about. While I liked him, I did find some of the ways he behaved, especially towards the end of the book, were quite dickish and it put me off him a lil bit.

The writing of this book though was absolutely excellent, it felt like a really easy to read book, it just flowed nicely. I sort of bumbled along reading this one, not in a bad way, but more of a easy to read, happy, go lucky way!

The plot definitely helped how easy this book was to read, it was sooooo good! As someone who plans their life around sporting events (mostly the premier league and the 6 nations, but also (not limited to) the world cup, Euros and any other major football event) I found this book absolutely hilarious.

I loved Lexi’s blog too, and the way that featured into the story was just so cleverley done! It really added another layer of humour to the entire thing.

This was certainly a very entertaining read, it was was lighthearted, funny, sad, intriguing, tense all in good measure. It had everything that a good romance book needs, especially the happy ending!

Until next time, Em xxx


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