The Dinner Guest – B P Walter

Link to book – The Dinner Guest by B P Walter.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

Straight away, I found The Dinner Guest to be quite an unusual way of telling a story, essentially giving away the whole premise within the first few pages. Which as we later come to find out is not actually the case… This way of writing, coupled with the story and the explosive revelations inside it was just was a lot.

But not always in a bad way, individually all of the factors in this story were incredible:
It was addictive and I couldn’t stop reading. Every chapter ended on a mini cliff hanger.
It was tense.
It was tantalising.

I honestly think I may have had to scrape my jaw off the floor several times during this book because there were just SO MANY revelations that made me go WHATTTTTTTT.

It’s really hard to not give anything away with my review so I don’t mean to intentionally be vague (sorry!)

Character wise, they were each flawed in their own ways and none of them were particularly pleasant people. I felt this book really hammered home the idea that the rich are just above everyone else and can get themselves out of any situation, and that’s part of the reason these characters were so unlikeable.

However, the ending (as in the very last chapter from Elena’s POV) is the reason I knocked a full star of the rating of this book… It really spoiled things for me, the author could have left the book ending in the previous chapter and I felt it would have finished the book far better and given a much more powerful ending.

Overall, The Dinner Guest was a truly mind f**k of a read and I loved every second (except the end).

Until next time, Em xxx


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