A new series coming to my blog?!

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a new thing on my blog that actually came to me while I was washing my hair, all the best ideas come when you’re in the shower though, right?!

How long I stick with this purely depends on how many ideas I have and the general reception to it, so without sounding like a huge beg, if you enjoy this post pls leave me a comment because I LIVE FOR THAT 🙂

ANYWAY! The idea is this… I will be selecting random fictional characters, from books and pairing them with a song (that I feel fits them) from one of my MANY Spotify playlists.

I will be sharing a photo or GIF of the character in question, to set the scene, their matching song, a notable lyric (if applicable) and (and this is the BEST PART) a link to my shitty playlist so you too can see what kind of TRASH FIRE I am listening to, should you so wish.

I’m hoping to get this up on a regular posting schedule, so it may be that it’s twice a month or something?! Just to ensure I give myself time to create the content and get everything together. I’m hoping to start mid September, so we’ll see how that goes!

Hopefully, this is something that I can stick with and inspiration sticks around!

Em xxx

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