ARC – The Summer We Buried – Jody Gehrman

Link to book – The Summer We Buried by Jody Gehrman.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane books for the advanced copy of this book to read and review!

TW: Sexual assault and domestic violence within the book. Neither of these will be discussed within my review.

A very intriguing slow burn book that will have you addicted and needing to keep turning the pages late into the night…

From the get go I found The Summer We Buried to be an intriguing and atmospheric read, it had that addictive feel to it and worked it’s way under my skin, to the point where I needed to keep reading to find out what would happen to our characters. Coupled with an incredibly well done underlying tense feeling, it was the perfect recipe for a thrilling book.

For me, the characters really made this story what it was. They all had their own past and things to keep hidden, that gave them a real air of mystery… Coupled with the very real and natural relationships they were forming throughout the story, Tansy’s two minds about the past, Selene’s need to keep her daughter safe, Jupiter’s situation and Zack who seemingly gets caught in the middle of everything (until as we find out later, isn’t exactly as it seems).

Individually the characters were excellently written and together they formed a mismatched group that just worked. That carried the story to its completion and did a thoroughly good job of it too.

The writing also really impressed me, and while it was a slow burn book it didn’t feel boring. The author had this very descriptive, almost poetic way of writing, that was beautiful and really brought the book to life.

And the plot was good too, there were a few twists that I picked up on that weren’t brilliantly concealed, but on the whole the story was really good! The twists and turns weren’t outlandish and they all just worked really well together to form a truly good story.

While entertaining isn’t the best word to describe this book, I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a slow burn that will still give you a thrill…

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