[ARC] Witch 13 – Patrick R Delaney

Link to book – Witch 13 by Patrick R Delaney

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

As with another book I’ve read by this author I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this book. It was damn near perfection.

The writing was absolutely incredible and I cannot fault it, I was in complete awe. The characters, the plot, the atmosphere, the intrigue, everything was just perfectly crafted to create this story.

The entire book from start to finish was immersive, consuming and haunting. It was so atmospheric and at points I was terrified, it was eerie, dark and all encompassing. I’m pretty hard to scare, especially with books, so for this to scare me was no mean feat. 

Hand in hand with the atmosphere that the author built was the intrigue that was littered throughout the story, while I didn’t want the book to end I almost did, because I needed to have answers to my burning questions…

And the plot itself was just mind blowing, it was immersive and confusing and it felt as though I was feeling and reading everything at once, but in the best way. The plot didn’t always make sense at points, but I feel that just added to the vibe of the book.

I also thought the pace of the plot was well done, considering it was set in one night in one tiny town, it just felt like so much happened, but it didn’t feel overly busy.

I loved the mythical element of the story as well, witches and legends and mythical stories, it was just so perfectly haunting. 

On the whole, another incredible book from this author, that I cannot wait to reread.

Until next time, Em xxx


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