Songs that fit book characters🎶📚

Hi friends, it’s my songs I think fit with book characters post today!

Today’s choice of character is none other than Harry Potter! I had the most fun picking out these songs and I actually had a lil giggle to myself for some of them, so I hope you enjoy them.

Gif is not mine, all credit to the creator.

First of all, and we have my FAVOURITE one first, is Die Young by Ke$ha. I’M SORRY OKAY, but the title of the song just fits perfectly considering ya know, Voldy is trying to kill him literally every year of his teenage life.

You can see the playlist this song is from here – some poppy trash THINGS

Next up we have Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne. This song just screams Harry, how his poor life is absolute chaos, which so is this song TBH.

Lastly, we have Under Pressure by Queen. I mean, he’s constantly under pressure and also screaming for help from his friends so it fits perfectly!

You can see the playlist these songs are from here – it’s the 70s and 80s HONEY.

Until next time, Em xxx

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