Songs that fit book characters🎶📚

Hi friends, it’s my songs I think fit with book characters post today!

Today’s choice of book character is a personal favourite of mine and one that I would HAPPILY spend hours selecting the perfect gif for… It’s Draco Malfoy.

Gif is not mine, all credit to the creator.

I’m so excited to do this one, let’s get started!

Firstly we have Break Up With Your Girlfriend I’m bored by Ariana Grande, this song just screams Draco to me, like he honestly is the type to say this to someone.

You can see the playlist this song is from here – im a hoe

Then we have That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars, again this song just reminds me so much of him. And whilst I do love Bruno Mars this song gives me kinda spoiled vibes, which Draco definitely gives me!

You can see the playlist this song is from here – Top songs through the years

And here is my personal favourite, noteable lyric included for the LOLS.

18 by Anarbor – “if you wanna piss off your parents, date me to scare them, show them you’re all grown up” just is Draco all over. I want to date him even if it’s not to piss off my parents, like PLEASE just ruin my life I’m begging.

You can see the playlist this song is from here –if u wanna piss off ur neighbours

Until next time, Em xxx

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