The Burning Girls – C J Tudor

Link to book – The Burning Girls by C J Tudor.

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh my goodness, this book was everything I had hoped it would be and more! I cannot wait to do a reread of this one and see if it holds my attention in the same way that it did on my first read…

Starting with the characters, I actually really enjoyed reading all of them. It’s not often that happens for me, usually I get quite nit-picky and find fault but I enjoyed reading about every single character in this book, they were all worthy to be included.

Focusing on Jack and Flo, who are two most featured characters, they were portrayed excellently. The author worked hard to make their relationship as realistic as possible was a positive point for me, it was written really well and the way Flo was portrayed as a rebellious teen only added to the excellently written relationship.

And the intrigue and atmosphere that the author built throughout the story were second to none. I honestly couldn’t put this book down I was so desperate to keep reading, it had me hooked.

This was only enhanced by the authors impeccable writing style that allowed the book to flow and grow (soz for the rhyming lmao) as the story progressed.

I’m not a religious person so upon first reading the blurb I was a bit worried I would struggle with it, but it was the complete opposite. Religion didn’t feature heavily within this story, it was more there for scene setting purposes.

Onto my absolute favourite part now though… The plot. The story was absolutely excellent, the way everything came together and clicked into place was just out of this world. I shouted out loud when I finished the book because I was just in shock at the ending! And the way the author made sure to finalise everything and tied off the lose ends only added to my enjoyment of this book.

On the whole, I absolutely adored reading The Burning Girls and I cannot wait to reread it in the new year!

Until next time, Em xxx


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