The House Guest – Mark Edwards

Link to book – The House Guest by Mark Edwards.

Rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

I’m kind of still in two minds abut this book, I mean don’t get me wrong it was good, and I didn’t want to DNFR it at any point, I just felt like something was missing. For me, I feel like there wasn’t enough focus on the cult aspect of the story, and there was too much focus on Adam running around trying to solve the mystery… It felt as though it lacked that little bit of direction to make it into a great book.

But, I did think that the writing was good. The story flowed nicely, there was no awkward silences so to speak and the author clearly has a way with words that translated onto the page. This was best shown through the intrigue that the author managed to build up in every line and paragraph – part of the reason I was pushed to keep reading.

That being said I did find the characters lacked that extra bit of jazz that would have made them more 3D and more likeable. I found it really difficult to form an attachment to any of them and tbh at points they pissed me off more than anything!

It was the same with the plot, it was good but it definitely lacked something. And whilst I did enjoy the idea of the Cult, how they recruited people and the whole vibe they had going on, I do feel like the story got a little lost and there wasn’t much discussion around the Cult. The only time we really got any glimpses into it were the scenes with Ruth and Adam, but they were too focused on Adam trying to play vigilante. It just felt like the balance was tipped in the wrong direction.

And without sounding too mean, the last few chapters were a waste, they didn’t add any value and didn’t really compare to the high stakes vibes of the rest of the book.

On the whole, The House Guest had all the makings of a good story, it had a solid foundation and some characters that just needed a little bit more jazz, however, it wasn’t executed in the best way and the balance of the book just tipped the wrong way, leaving me disappointed and underwhelmed.

Until next time, Em xxx


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