The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer.

Link to book – The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer.

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

AHHHHHHHHH this book was so good! I’d never read it before and I saw it in my local charity shop for 50p so I thought what do I have to lose? Apparently, absolutely NOTHING, it was excellent and I’m really disappointed in myself that I didn’t read it sooner.

I always liked Bree when I read the Twilight series, I felt sorry for her. And whilst none of them necessarily chose this life for themselves, she certainly didn’t and she was still SO young as a human and to have that life ripped away from her, I just felt so bad for her 😦 so to have a whole story from her POV was amazing.

I loved how we got to know Bree more, a little more background on her human life and how she interacted and made friends with some of the other vampires, how she felt weary towards Riley, how she was capable of feeling more than just the never ending thirst.

It was nice to see a vampire’s POV that wasn’t someone who had chosen the Cullen’s vegetarian lifestyle and how they dealt with the thirst and how they felt about it – it opened the world up a little bit more to the reader.

My favourite part though was reading about what Riley told the group of newborns, the legends he told them about the sun, the way he talked about the Cullen’s, the reasoning for the attack. It was all really good to see it from a different angle and it definitely lent itself well to Eclipse as it filled in quite a few gaps.

I absolutely loved reading this one and I will certainly be including it in my reread when I do my annual Twilight reading!

Until next time, Em xxx

The Cult on Fog Island – Mariette Lindstein.

Link to book – The Cult on Fog Island by Mariette Lindstein.

Rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

I’m really on the fence about my overall feelings towards this book because there were several aspects that I really enjoyed and then others just completely ruined it for me, but HEY that’s what review writing is for!

To start with, and I have to get this off my chest… I hated Sofia. She’s our main character and honestly I could not have disliked her more if I tried, she just really wound me up the wrong way and I found her to be a difficult character to enjoy. I’m not sure if it was made worse by the fact the book was written in third person, perhaps she would have been more likable if we were able to see the story from her perspective.

HOWEVER, the rest of the characters absolutely SMASHED it. They brought the entire book to life with their personalities and traits just weaving through the pages. They really sold the story to me.

Moving on though to the writing, I did enjoy the writing and the style of it, there were just a couple of things that niggled me… Namely the time jumps mid chapter, we would be part way through a page and we would just skip forward 3 weeks?! Without any break in the page either, I just felt the time jumps could have been better executed.

I did LOVE how the author managed to make the entire story so atmospheric though. Of course helped by the idea of a foggy island but they ensured that we had the scene set perfectly, a tense and eerie atmosphere created when the fog came and it made me feel as though I was caught up in it too. The same with the intrigue, the author built this story that reached it’s crescendo at just the right point, whilst also leaving breadcrumbs throughout the earlier story to keep us on edge.

The plot is possibly the biggest area that I’m split on… The story was really good and I love anything to do with cults so this was a real selling point for me. However, I did find that there were a couple of aspects that were bigged up (for want of a better phrase) that never really came to fruition throughout the story and it made me wonder why they were included at all.

On the whole though I did enjoy this book! The idea of the cult on an eerie, foggy island really intrigued me and I’m glad I took the time to read this one.

Until next time, Em xxx

The House Guest – Mark Edwards

Link to book – The House Guest by Mark Edwards.

Rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

I’m kind of still in two minds abut this book, I mean don’t get me wrong it was good, and I didn’t want to DNFR it at any point, I just felt like something was missing. For me, I feel like there wasn’t enough focus on the cult aspect of the story, and there was too much focus on Adam running around trying to solve the mystery… It felt as though it lacked that little bit of direction to make it into a great book.

But, I did think that the writing was good. The story flowed nicely, there was no awkward silences so to speak and the author clearly has a way with words that translated onto the page. This was best shown through the intrigue that the author managed to build up in every line and paragraph – part of the reason I was pushed to keep reading.

That being said I did find the characters lacked that extra bit of jazz that would have made them more 3D and more likeable. I found it really difficult to form an attachment to any of them and tbh at points they pissed me off more than anything!

It was the same with the plot, it was good but it definitely lacked something. And whilst I did enjoy the idea of the Cult, how they recruited people and the whole vibe they had going on, I do feel like the story got a little lost and there wasn’t much discussion around the Cult. The only time we really got any glimpses into it were the scenes with Ruth and Adam, but they were too focused on Adam trying to play vigilante. It just felt like the balance was tipped in the wrong direction.

And without sounding too mean, the last few chapters were a waste, they didn’t add any value and didn’t really compare to the high stakes vibes of the rest of the book.

On the whole, The House Guest had all the makings of a good story, it had a solid foundation and some characters that just needed a little bit more jazz, however, it wasn’t executed in the best way and the balance of the book just tipped the wrong way, leaving me disappointed and underwhelmed.

Until next time, Em xxx

The Burning Girls – C J Tudor

Link to book – The Burning Girls by C J Tudor.

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh my goodness, this book was everything I had hoped it would be and more! I cannot wait to do a reread of this one and see if it holds my attention in the same way that it did on my first read…

Starting with the characters, I actually really enjoyed reading all of them. It’s not often that happens for me, usually I get quite nit-picky and find fault but I enjoyed reading about every single character in this book, they were all worthy to be included.

Focusing on Jack and Flo, who are two most featured characters, they were portrayed excellently. The author worked hard to make their relationship as realistic as possible was a positive point for me, it was written really well and the way Flo was portrayed as a rebellious teen only added to the excellently written relationship.

And the intrigue and atmosphere that the author built throughout the story were second to none. I honestly couldn’t put this book down I was so desperate to keep reading, it had me hooked.

This was only enhanced by the authors impeccable writing style that allowed the book to flow and grow (soz for the rhyming lmao) as the story progressed.

I’m not a religious person so upon first reading the blurb I was a bit worried I would struggle with it, but it was the complete opposite. Religion didn’t feature heavily within this story, it was more there for scene setting purposes.

Onto my absolute favourite part now though… The plot. The story was absolutely excellent, the way everything came together and clicked into place was just out of this world. I shouted out loud when I finished the book because I was just in shock at the ending! And the way the author made sure to finalise everything and tied off the lose ends only added to my enjoyment of this book.

On the whole, I absolutely adored reading The Burning Girls and I cannot wait to reread it in the new year!

Until next time, Em xxx

REVIEW – The Exclusives by Rebecca Thornton.

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual abuse, rape, and attempted suicide.

My review will not contain direct discussions of these triggers but please be aware of them before researching or reading the book.

The Exclusives by Rebecca Thornton. Read the synopsis here.

Overall rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

I got this book from a local charity shop of mine and tbh it languished on the shelf for months (nearly a year in fact) and after reading it I am incredibly disappointed in myself that I left it unread for that long…

I thoroughly enjoyed The Exclusives, particularly the plot and the way the story was presented to us. Alternate chapters had alternate years, we were in 1996 for one then 2014 next then back to 1996, which usually bugs the life out of me, but on this occasion lent itself incredibly well to the story. It meant that we could begin to put pieces of the puzzle together ourselves, whilst never quite having enough information to reach the conclusion.

The switch between the two years also meant that the author could really ramp up the intrigue. And that they did! At no point could I put this book down unless I was absolutely forced to by work constraints or ya know, the need for sleep and food. I was addicted and drawn into every single page.

However, there were a couple of things that disappointed me with earlier plot lines that seemed to have been forgotten about and the big reveal at the end wasn’t what had been alluded to throughout the whole story.

But, the general high quality of writing in this book and the characters (more to come on them in a second!) definitely made this book an enjoyable read (if that’s the right word to use…)

It was hard for me to decide between the plot or the characters as my favourite part of this book, because I absolutely was obsessed with every character in this story! We had the book from Josephine’s POV, and I don’t think I could have asked for a better lead character. Closely followed by Freya, her Dad, Freya’s Dad, the teachers at their school and even Jeremy all had their key role to play and OH BOY did they! I couldn’t find fault with a character in this story they were woven together perfectly.

On the whole, I really enjoyed my read of The Exclusives by Rebecca Thornton and I would definitely recommend it to others. My only major criticism is the lack of trigger warnings given the events that take place within this book. If you do pick this one up please be aware of the themes involved. I’ll pop them again below.

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual abuse, rape, and attempted suicide are all discussed within this story. Please proceed at your own risk.

Happy reading bookworms! Until next time, Em xxx

Songs that fit book characters🎶📚

Hi friends, it’s my songs I think fit with book characters post today!

This one will be my last one before the new year as I’m taking a small break from posting content, and it also marks the end of my Harry Potter section of this series. In the new year I’ll be back with a brand new set of characters. ANYWAY, we’re going out with a bang, it’s Ginny Weasley.

Small note to say that these song choices are based on book Ginny as we can all agree she was done so dirty in the films…

Gif is not mine, all credit to the creator.

First up we have We Belong Together by Mariah Carey. This one is just purely based on the song title and would absolutely be what Ginny thinks about Harry!

You can see the playlist this song is from here – Top songs through the years

Next we have I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. Idk what it is, I just feel like Ginny is bisexual and this song is absolutely something she would do.

Lastly, we have Waterloo by Abba. Now don’t ask me what possessed me to pick this song, just something about it gave me real Ginny vibes, I cannot tell you what it is but I just get visions of her blasting this song and absolutely loving it.

You can see the playlist both of these songs are from here – some poppy trash THINGS.

Until next time, Em xxx

Songs that fit book characters🎶📚

Hi friends, it’s my songs I think fit with book characters post today!

This one is for one of my all time bestest ever book characters that I absolutely wanted to be when I was younger and that I’m super excited to write about! Today’s character is Hermione Granger.

Gif is not mine, all credit to the creator.

First up we have Gorgeous by Taylor Swift. There isn’t any particular reason why I chose this song, I just felt like it fit Hermione’s vibes!

Then I picked Girlfriend by Avril Lavinge. Like if this song was out at the time Ron was dating Lav-Lav you CANNOT tell me that Hermione wouldn’t be obsessed with it.

You can see the playlist both of these songs are from here – some poppy trash THINGS

And finally we have Don’t Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande, Miley Cryus and Lana Del Ray. This one just screams Hermione, it’s such a badass feeling song and definitely one that I think fits her perfectly.

You can see the playlist this song is from here – Top songs through the years

Until next time, Em xxx

Friend Request – Laura Marshall

Link to book – Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Rating – 2 out of 5 stars

I was actually quite disappointed with my read of Friend Request, it was just okay. I expected a lot more from a book that was branded as a thriller, it just felt flat and lacked anything that really made it stand out from the crowd.

The atmosphere and intrigue of this book were just not what I expected given that it was supposedly a thriller… Sure, it felt tense and I definitely was leaning towards the edge of my seat but it never fully tipped the scales into that proper thrilling vibe. I also felt that whilst it was intriguing to start off with, it just became drawn out and tedious.

Moving onto the characters I found it really difficult to make my mind up about whether or not I liked Louise (who was our main character). I was bullied in school, quite badly, and I think that’s part of the reason I didn’t like her, I felt the author tried to make it as if she showed remorse but it felt false and like the author was trying too hard. Despite Louise also being a victim in the story I just found her hard to like and felt a lot of resentment towards her. However, there were points where I felt sorry for her and I did feel sometimes she was genuinely remorseful, only to have that undone by the author.

And coupled with average writing, that just lacked that little bit of oomph, it just didn’t make for a thrilling read.

I think though my biggest issue was the plot… At points it really felt like the author was reaching too much to connect dots that just weren’t meant to connect. I felt we were ripped off with the messages too, the whole idea and plot of the book was supposedly around these messages and the friend request but then it ended up just being a few pages about it before we moved onto another plot line, that to be honest, felt irrelevant to story so far.

It felt like the author had multiple ideas and tried to cram them into one story, pulling us from pillar to post with no direction of the actual plot. This also made me feel like there were a few plot holes, but I can’t really put my finger on these, it just was something that felt off.

On the whole, I was really disappointed by Friend Request, but I do believe if it hadn’t have been marketed as a thriller it would have been a much better book, but I had very high expectations of it and they just weren’t met.

Until next time, Em xxx

Songs that fit book characters🎶📚

Hi friends, it’s my songs I think fit with book characters post today!

Today’s choice of book character is a personal favourite of mine and one that I would HAPPILY spend hours selecting the perfect gif for… It’s Draco Malfoy.

Gif is not mine, all credit to the creator.

I’m so excited to do this one, let’s get started!

Firstly we have Break Up With Your Girlfriend I’m bored by Ariana Grande, this song just screams Draco to me, like he honestly is the type to say this to someone.

You can see the playlist this song is from here – im a hoe

Then we have That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars, again this song just reminds me so much of him. And whilst I do love Bruno Mars this song gives me kinda spoiled vibes, which Draco definitely gives me!

You can see the playlist this song is from here – Top songs through the years

And here is my personal favourite, noteable lyric included for the LOLS.

18 by Anarbor – “if you wanna piss off your parents, date me to scare them, show them you’re all grown up” just is Draco all over. I want to date him even if it’s not to piss off my parents, like PLEASE just ruin my life I’m begging.

You can see the playlist this song is from here –if u wanna piss off ur neighbours

Until next time, Em xxx

The Flatshare – Beth O’Leary

Link to book – The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars

Oh my goodness, this book was so adorable I absolutely loved it! It completely warmed my cold, dead heart and left me with the most incredible fuzzy feeling after I finished reading it. I honestly wish I hadn’t waited so long to pick it up, it was so worth the read.

Starting off with our characters, I found that they absolutely carried this book – not that the rest wasn’t up to standard though! The split POV worked really well for them and I found myself wanting to read as quickly as possible so I could see how Leon felt about Tiffy’s notes and vice versa. And, the supporting characters were pretty fab too, the author had clearly put work in to add as much life and soul to the story as possible.

And the story itself was actually inventive, I loved the idea of the flat share and how their relationship developed just through notes, it really was heart warming and very cleverly written. I also really enjoyed the side plots with Tiffy’s ex and Leon’s brother being in prison, it really fleshed out the story and added value to the main plot.

I also really enjoyed the writing style of this book, it was super easy to read which is not a criticism at all. The whole thing just flowed really nicely and felt like everything slotted together to create such a lovely tale. The writing was really good and I just didn’t notice the time passing when I was reading, so that’s always nice!

The Flatshare was just a super entertaining story and I loved every second of my read through, I found myself laughing out loud, gasping in shock and really rooting for the characters and that was all down to the authors storytelling and character building.

My only wish is that it were longer as I wanted more of Tiffy and Leon!

Until next time, Em xxx