A Cornish Christmas Reunion, Laura Briggs – A Review.

Fellow bookworms and bloggers! It’s review day again which means I’m still playing catch up on my December 2020 books, oopsies. Anyway, here is another festive book review for you all to read…

A Cornish Christmas Reunion by Laura Briggs.

Overall rating ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ out of 5 snowflakes.

This book was just like reading a Christmas film, it was beautiful! I truly felt as though I was in Cornwall.

We had some big characters return from the series but you definitely didn’t need to read the other books to understand what was going on, the author did a perfect job of reintroducing the characters and blending them into the story.

And of course, the characters were absolutely wonderful as always!

The whole book was written in Julianne’s POV, which I loved because she was all over the place meaning we got to see so much, and the detail and description that went into this book made it feel SO immersive.

A Cornish Christmas Reunion made me feel all of the feels, but had a perfect happy ending which was just what I needed to read in 2020.

This whole story was just a beautiful Christmas read, it had everything you needed to bring that festive cheer and was truly gorgeous.

Let me know if you’ve read A Cornish Christmas Reunion or any of Laura Briggs’s other books and what you thought!

Em xxx