[Discussion Post] 📚15 facts about me📚

Hello guys and welcome to my blog if you are new here👋 Thought I would actually introduce myself to everyone lmao and because I don’t fancy just sitting here typing about myself thought I’d do 15 facts about me – I’ll probably struggle to think of 15 but I’ll give it a goooooo.

1 – I’ve been blogging for just over 18 months now.

2 – Other than reading and exercising my blog is my only other major hobby.

3 – I live in England, where it rains a lot and if it’s not raining it’s usually cloudy🌧

4 – I have 1 older brother who is in the army.

5 – My full name is actually Emily but literally no one (with the exception of my grandparents) calls me that, I answer to Em or Ems.

6 – I’m 24 years old👩

7 – I have one tattoo (a Harry Potter one to be exact). I’ll post a pic below! This was it literally minutes after it had been done, hence why it looks red raw.


8 – I’m lucky enough to still live at home so myself and my boyfriend are seriously saving for a house.

9 – It took me two driving tests to pass.

10 – I cried when I saw Eeyore at Euro Disney, he’s my favourite character from Disney. EVER. I ended up buying a Christopher Robin style stuffed toy of him from Euro Disney and he is the best thing ever.

11 – I used to read just crime fiction, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve branched out and will give anything a go once.

12 – My work have threatened to get a swear jar for me because my language is foul.

13 – I reorganise my bookshelf at least once a month🙈

14 – I’m a Ravenclaw. I’ve been sorted 3 times and got the same house every single time.

15 – While I may not always be the most outwardly positive person I have worked hard over the last 6 months of my life to really make a big change in myself and to be happy💛

And a bonus for everyone, I’m tiny, and to prove that I took a picture of me with my books, which I am considerably shorter than… This isn’t all of them either, I have another 2 or 3 that were unbalancing my stack which I did not want to happen lmao.


ANYWAY! I hope that’s introduced me a lil bit to anyone that is new here, I hope you’re ready for the crazy train!

Em xxx