The Whisper Man, Alex North – A Review. [SPOILERS].

Hey everyone welcome to my blog and welcome to today’s review of The Whisper Man by Alex North. I read this back in May after having it on my Kindle for so long, so I’m finally reviewing it!

WOW, this book was a wild ride from start to finish. Alex North’s writing is compulsive and hooks you in right from the beginning, where we are thrown straight into every parents worst nightmare.

This book was terrifying. I don’t easily get scared by books but this one did something to me.The author really ramped up the fear and supernatural elements, whilst also heavily focusing on what could be real life events. The child abduction theme can be overdone but The Whisper Man was a refreshing read in that genre.

I mean I don’t sleep with the window open anyway but at one point I threatened to move myself into a windowless room I was that scared! This book was so eerie.

To begin with the book did seem slow to start and I was confused with the relevance of Tom Kennedy and his son, but this was quickly rectified with North’s elaborate weaving of lives.

One of my particular favourite things about this book was how everything just slotted together perfectly, all of the characters were relevant and brought something worthwhile to the story.

The plot itself offered a refreshing and new take on themes that are long written about in books, and I liked how it played on that fear element too to further the story. And the plot was supported by the quality of the writing, North built the suspense perfectly and didn’t shy away from the darker side of the theme.

I loved the ending, but I didn’t love the ending – if that makes sense! I’m glad the author ended it the way he did, I feel it rounded the book off perfectly given but there were aspects I didn’t want to happen – I can’t say more without giving too much away.

On the whole, The Whisper Man by Alex North was excellent, I loved everything about it from the plot to the twists and turns and I would definitely recommend it to others.

I don’t know if I would reread but that’s simply because the book relies on the suspense and keeping you guessing and once you know what happens it takes away from that a lil bit!

Em xxx