What Goes On In The Walls At Night, Andrew Schrader – A Review.

Hello fellow book lovers! I’m back with another October reads review which I’m excited to bring to you guys!

What Goes In The Walls At Night by Andrew Schrader.

Synopsis… “You may find yourself stuck between worlds both strange and disturbing, disgusting and delightful—a world that Andrew Schrader discovered and now presents to you. Let him quietly introduce you to thirteen unforgettable scenes in this shocking collection of short stories.”

Overall rating 3 out of 5 stars.

My review…

Reading this book was like being on a rollercoaster, and not in a good way…

I enjoyed the prologue, I thought that was really good and introduced the book perfectly. I did find it a bit convenient (and overdone) that this guy bumped into his all time favourite author from when he was a child though.

The book itself was split into several stories that were tales this author had heard in the walls, and some of them were far better than others.

When the stories were good they were absolutely brilliant, they got under my skin, made me feel sick, they built up the intrigue and interest perfectly and hooked you in!

But when they weren’t the best you could really see the difference in quality. Some of them just didn’t seem to be developed as well as others, one story went for the shock factor but you could see it coming a mile off and the final story I ended up DNFR because it was too much for me.

Towards the later couple of stories it felt as though the author forgot he was meant to be writing stories that were heard through a wall and they just got a bit crazy and away from the premise.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these stories within the book and what you thought!

Em xxx