3 bookish wishes from the Book Genie!

Hi friends and fellow bookworms! I’m back again with something a little bit different, this time I’m giving my 3 bookish wishes to a Book Genie… I’m hoping if I rub the right book hard enough a genie might pop out and grant me these wishes, we can live in hope!

Wish number one…

For an entire SERIES of books about Percabeth, transitioning into adulthood, college, marriage, children. I WANT ALL OF IT. I need to just have a series of books about their lives, PLEASE.

Wish number two…

For me to forget the Mistborn series so I can go back and read it all over again with a completely fresh mind. I love these books, but sometimes I wish I could go back and reread them without knowing everything and be completely new to the story.

Wish number three…

For all books to be a standard size!!!!! I am sick of hardbacks being different sizes and not fitting on my shelves correctly. My copy of The Da Vinci Code is small and hideous because it doesn’t match the other books by Dan Brown in terms of size. PLEASE just make books a uniform size so everything FITS.

I actually was surprised by how hard it was to think of three bookish wishes, as I didn’t just want to wish for all the time in the world to read books (although that would make a great bonus wish….) Genie’s of the world, if you’re reading this we need a bonus wish!

Let me know what your bookish wishes would be in the comments below.

Happy reading bookworms! Until next time, Em xxx