Top Ten Tuesday – TT character traits I love📚

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Hello lovelies! We are well into October now (my birthday month!) and I’m back again with another TTT, this time I’ll be doing my top five character traits. TTT is currently hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl so check her out after you’ve finished here!

  1. Wilful – meaning intent on having one’s way. It can be seen as a negative trait, but I think it can really add value to a story with a character like this.
  2. Faithful – meaning to remain loyal. Being faithful is a big thing for me personally, so I find it super easy to relate to characters that are faithful.
  3. Witty – meaning quick and inventive verbal humour. I love a good laugh so any character that can do that with words in a book is OK with me!
  4. Adaptable – meaning able to adjust to new conditions. What would be the point of a character who was completely unable to adapt? It would make for such a boring book as the whole thing would just be them complaining they couldn’t adjust…
  5. Educated – meaning having being educated. I can’t stand stupid characters, I hate it when authors think it makes them more likeable/relatable, NOPE.

What are your favourite character traits? Let me know! Em xx