A Beginner’s Guide To Christmas, Jennifer Joyce – A Review.

Hello bookworms, I’ve got another of my festive reviews to share with you again so here we goooo!

A Beginner’s Guide To Christmas by Jennifer Joyce.

Overall rating ❄️❄️❄️ out of 5 snowflakes.

Oh my goodness, this book was hilarious! I really did enjoy reading it.

Christmas time is traditionally very stressful and I feel a lot of us (me included) try to gloss over this when we share our Christmas photos online, which is the complete opposite of what A Beginner’s Guide To Christmas does.

Ruth complains, a lot, about what she has to undergo on Christmas day when she just wants to chill but I found that quite endearing, and led me to love Ruth as a character. And with the whole book written for us in Ruth’s POV it just solidified that love I had for her.

As the book was from Ruth’s POV we got these little comments and remarks that were quite sarcastic and snide (the kind of things we’ve all thought about whilst preparing for Christmas) and they truly had me laughing my socks off at points!

The family dynamics presented to us in A Beginner’s Guide To Christmas also worked really well for this book and just served to remind me of my own family.

My real disappointment though came at the end of the book, I felt the author rounded the story up too quickly and left a few lose ends, just an extra few pages would have finished this off so much better…

On the whole, I did really enjoy reading A Beginner’s Guide To Christmas and it gave me some much needed laughs! I only wish it was a little bit longer and the ending was wrapped up better.

Until next time, Em xxx

Snowed In With The Billionaire, Lila Monroe – A Review.

Guess who’s back, back again! It’s me, I’m back again with another festive read, sorry for spamming up your pages with my festive books haha.

Snowed In With The Billionaire by Lila Monroe.

Overall rating ❄️ out of 5 snowflakes.

Let me start by saying I am pretty damn annoyed with this book. It was an ebook that I picked up for free so I shouldn’t be too mad… But, I got to about 45% and I was really getting into it, only for it to end at 46% and then the remainder be an excerpt from another novel. Like what? WHY do they do that?

Aside from this I just found this book to be very boring, it wasn’t that festive other than being set at Christmas and the romance left a lot to be desired.

Ace (our main male lead) was a stereotypical rocker turned music industry exec who was incredibly 2D, it felt like all he wanted was sex from Paige. And as for Paige, her inner monologue was ridiculous, if you want the man just go get him, it’s the 21st century!

The other “characters” if we can even call them that, they play such a small part, really had no background or distinguishing features for me to properly comment on them.

Whilst there was certainly no shortage of sex scenes in Snowed In With The Billionaire they did feel cheap, and as if they were there to fill the time. They didn’t add anything to the story and to be honest, weren’t the best written scenes I’ve read…

On the whole, Snowed In With The Billionaire was just another stab at Fifty Shades of Grey, except it was set at Christmas. A really disappointing read.

Let me know if you’ve read this one and what you thought!

Em xxx

Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes, Jessica Redland – A Review.

Aloha fellow bloggers, bookworms and friends. I’m here again with another festive review for you all, after my small break at Christmas I’m still catching up on my December 2020 reads and reviews…

Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes by Jessica Redland.

Overall rating ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ out of 5 snowflakes.

This book has to be my favourite Christmas read of 2020, it was simply gorgeous.

Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes had so many different aspects to it that all merged together perfectly to form the most wonderful story, that really brought a festive cheer to my heart!

Our two sisters, Bethany and Carly brought this book to life, they were funny, interesting and had a lot of humanity to them – they were very easy to relate to. I felt like I was part of their relationship from the offset.

Then we have how Bethany and her future husband interacted and how Carly and Liam interacted and it just made me feel so warm and fuzzy and in love.

The story itself was similar to others I’d read before, but the smaller aspects such as the small businesses all working together to help each other, Bethany suffering panic attacks* and so many more made this book feel different…

*I just want to say that when Bethany came out and said she’d been having panic attacks and that she didn’t admit it to her family because she was embarrassed I felt that in my heart. And the way that her family dealt with the situation was excellent, it was a really positive representation.

Everything about this book screamed Christmas to me and that’s just what I wanted from a festive read! It was absolutely brilliant.

Let me know if you’ve read Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes and what you thought.

Em xxx

Six Geese A-Laying, Sophie Kinsella – A Review.

Hello friends! I’m here again with a festive review for you all, as you’ll know I decided to take a small break from blogging over Christmas so I’m playing catch up on all my reviews in January instead!

Six Geese A-Laying by Sophie Kinsella.

Overall rating ❄️❄️❄️ out of 5 snowflakes.

The title of this book is very clever and was possibly my favourite part of it haha!

I think my main issue with Six Geese A-Laying was that it wasn’t festive enough for me, it was just set around Christmas rather than being a festive read.

That being said, I did really enjoy this book and I wished it was longer as there was so much potential that could have been unlocked. The character growth of the Mum’s in the story could have opened up for so much more.

I did enjoy how this was kind of Christmas Carol themed, with the way the spirit appeared as if the Ghost of Christmases to come!

If Six Geese A-Laying was longer, I honestly think that it would have been much better and warranted a higher rating, as it could have delved deeper into the stories of the Mum’s to be and created a more festive environment.

Sadly though, it just didn’t hit the mark 😦

Until next time, Em xxx