Coraline, Neil Gaiman – A Review. [SPOILERS].

What Em's Reading (4)Hey guys, today I’m reviewing Coraline, a book that I read in February but didn’t get round to sharing with you guys until now!

Overall rating – out of 5 stars. 

I literally have no reason to not give this book 5 stars, I was gripped. 

Coraline is completely unlike anything I have ever read before and despite having a little bit of an idea about it I was unprepared for what was going to be one of the creepiest reads of my life.

I don’t normally scare easily but Coraline really frightened me. 

Coraline (as the character) was extremely well written, she never gave up, she was determined and she was just a great little character. Though I have to admit, the little cat was my favourite! 

I also thought the scene was set perfectly, and especially since the book only really took place inside this large house and gardens there was no shortage of things that could have happened. 

Also, the buttons for eyes?!?!? Freaked the LIFE outta me!

If you’ve read Coraline let me know what you thought, I’d love to hear what everyone else has to say. 

Em xxx