Dark places, Gillian Flynn – A Review. [SPOILERS].

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Good evening my fellow book bloggers (or it may be morning when this post goes live, I’m not sure, I have people from all over so hELLo!)

Today I’m going to review Dark places by Gillian Flynn. I have a confession, I read this book like a month ago, and have only just got round to reviewing it, but here we are…

Overall rating 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

I honestly thought this book was exceptionally well written, the depth and thought that had gone into it were excellent, I really do rate Gillian Flynn as an author.

But, the story itself… The ending seemed a bit too “happy ending” for me, given the tone of the book, it seemed almost false.

I also didn’t like the way it was split between multiple people, I think we had 3 different POV going on, that’s too much for me, especially when jumping between the past and present.

What really frustrated me about Dark Places though was how long it took to get into the main plot-line, a good 20% of the way in before we got to the plot. I skim read quite a few bits that I felt didn’t add value to the storyline.

On the whole, Dark places was a really well written book, I just didn’t enjoy it.

Have you read Dark places? Let me know your thoughts. Em xx