Die for Me – Amy Plum

Link to book – Die for Me by Amy Plum.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

OKAY, can someone please tell me why I waited so damn long to pick up this book, I’m so disappointed in myself I could have been obsessed with this book for much longer than I have been!!!

Immediately, I was in love with Vincent, like it’s just an unwritten rule with these books that I am instantly obsessed with the main male character and he was no exception. Written to be utterly charming and sounding devastatingly handsome I was hooked straight away, and the whole gentleman vibe he had going on… SWOON.

Moving away to the other characters now, we had Kate who leads the story and I was just as obsessed with her, to be honest, she had everything you could want from a strong female lead, she seemed so badass! I loved how the other characters were written into the story too, they were all really well written and they ALL added value to the story.

I also really enjoyed the writing, it had me swooning at points because I love a good old obsessed lover boy (aka Vincent) and the whole scene setting that the author laid out was done perfectly. I really felt like I was on the streets of Paris.

And plot wise, sure it was the same as every other supernatural romance but I felt the setting of this one set it apart from the rest. Plus the way the author worked to include the other characters and not just make it a romance story, I felt it stood out a lil from the crowd.

Oh and I saw so many reviews saying we “don’t need another Edward and Bella/Twilight book” but honestly I can’t get enough of those kinds of stories, so this book was top notch for me!

On the whole, I absolutely loved this book and I cannot wait to do a reread.

Until next time, Em xxx