Evangeline, E.A. Gottschalk – A Review.

Evangeline by E.A. Gottschalk.

Synopsis… “Angeline Gottschalk, bullied in school and abused on the farm, is hiding a dark and terrifying secret– one buried so deep that not even she knows the truth. That secret is Evangeline, the homicidal twin “sister” who narrates this extraordinary memoir of a teenaged serial killer out for revenge and living her dream in the American Heartland.”

Overall rating 3 out of 5 stars.

My review…

This book was so different to anything I had read before, and I’m airing on the side of caution with my rating…

The opening lines to Evangeline were certainly different and grabbed my attention as soon as I read them, I was hooked on wanting to know what was going on.

At first I was kind of put off by the sarcastic tone that our dear Evangeline was talking to us in but as I got deeper into the story I found myself really rooting for her and I really learnt to love her way of narrating.

The book itself was intense. Evangeline was a lot to take in, and had some dark themes that added the shock factor to this book – which at points for me did make it feel over the top and as though the author was trying to cram too much in.

The actual murdering parts I did find difficult to read, not because they were gross or disgusting, more so that Evangeline took so few precautions it was a wonder she wasn’t caught the first time around.

Towards the end my interest did start to wane a little bit but it was soon picked back up with the shock twists that we were treated to and they definitely redeemed some of the ill feelings I may have towards other aspects of this book.

I did enjoy this book on the whole but certain aspects just really frustrated me with how easy it could have been to improve them!

Until next time, Em xxx