[Discussion Post] 📚Why do I read fanfiction?📚


Good morning my lovely followers! I’m here again with a discussion post and this time I want to discuss Fan Fiction!

A bit of back story to this particular choice… I’m in a Harry Potter group on Facebook and someone put a post up asking if people read Fan Fiction or not, I decided not to comment as it was getting a bit heated, but it got me thinking… 

I love Fan Fiction, particularly Harry Potter (I literally do not read any other kind lmao) and sometimes I will prefer to read FF to a proper book.

I usually read non-canon FF, so stories about characters that should have died, or relationships that never happened in the books, etc. For me, it’s my way of exploring the Harry Potter world even more.

I’m perfectly able to separate FF from the books themselves, and if I was to pick up HP for another re-read I would have no issues in settling back into Ron and Hermione and not Hermione and X.

I personally just find it another way to explore the Wizarding World!

Do you read Fan Fiction? Let me know what you think in the comments, Em xx