⚡️HP tag⚡️ – Are you satisfied with the epilogue?

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Hello! I’m here with my last instalment on my Harry Potter tag, and today I’m discussing the epilogue…

I wanted to save this one until last, just as the epilogue finished the books, this will round off my Harry Potter Tag.

I’m in two minds about the epilogue, when I read the books I don’t want them to end, and I did feel that compared to the thought and the level of writing that went into those seven books the epilogue was a bit crap compared. There didn’t seem to be as much thought put into it. And don’t even get me started on those names… 

However, I do feel that if JKR had put the same amount of effort and writing into the epilogue then the books could have easily continued for another how many?! So I know she had to round them off, and send Harry, Ron and Hermione onto the next chapter of their life that we wouldn’t be seeing.

I do feel like the epilogue wasn’t as well written but at the same time that could just be because I didn’t want the books to end! 

What did you think of the epilogue? Let me know! Em xx

⚡️HP tag⚡️ – This or that?

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Hello my lovely followers, welcome back if you already have the joy of following me and welcome to anyone new! I’m back again with another part of my Harry Potter Tag and today I’ll be doing a “this or that”.

Time to get stuck in!

Horcruxes or Hallows?

Horcruxes are just going too far for me, the whole process of creating one, NAH. I do dislike the Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone but I am rather fond of the Invisibility Cloak, which I would love to have in my possession. Think of the things you could do?!

Voldemort or Harry?

Harry – clearly!

Books or films? 

The books are just sooo much better, they actually build the plot properly for a start. You get a more in depth look into absolutely everything. Places, characters, lessons, you’re able to build your own images in your head of how everything looks.

I do imagine the characters as they’re shown in the films when I re-read the books now, but if you told me I could only watch the films or read the books for the rest of my life I would choose to read!

Cloak, wand or stone? 

Cloak. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and each has its own merits, but also it’s own downfalls. And for me, the cloak is the lesser of the evils that can come with owning these items.

Do you agree with my choices for this or that? Let me know what you think! Em xx

⚡️HP tag⚡️ – Which house was I sorted into?

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“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”

Welcome back to my blog and my HP tag that I’m running through the month of October, I’m so excited to be doing this tag and especially this post, I would wear a badge telling people which Hogwarts house I’m in if I thought it was socially acceptable.

If you didn’t already guess from the first line, I am a RAVENCLAW! I’ve sorted myself 3 times on Pottermore and get Ravenclaw every time, I think it’s meant to be. Rubbing shoulders with Luna Lovegood, Ollivander and of course Professor Flitwick.

Have you been sorted on Pottermore (if not, what are you doing with ur life?!) Let me know your house in the comments below!

Also can I just say happy birthday 2 me!!! I’m 24 today✌

Till next time, Em xx

⚡HP tag⚡ – Do any parts of the books or films make you cry?

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Hello and welcome back to another instalment of my Harry Potter tag, wow congrats if you’re still here and reading these! It must be a shock to see me posting so regularly! Today I’m going to be talking about parts of the books and films that made me cry 😦

There are quite a few parts, so I’ve narrowed it down to just the ones I feel most strongly about otherwise we would be here all day SOZ.

The first thing that really made me cry in the books was when Sirius and Remus were reunited, I’m not sure why, it just made me a lil bit emotional.

Of course we have many MANY character deaths (looking at u JKR) but the ones that hit me hardest were Dobby (of course) and Remus and Tonks, they had just started their lives together, they had Teddy, THEY HAD NO NEED TO DIE. As you can tell, still not over this.

The last part I wanted to bring up was when Hermione and Ron fought in GOF, when Hermione didn’t want to be a second option to Ron, I really felt that in my heart 😦

What parts of Harry Potter made you cry? Let me know in the comments and we’ll all have one giant sob fest over HP xx

⚡️HP tag⚡️ – Part of the film(s) that made me angry because they missed part of the book.

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Woop woop, back again with another part of my HP tag. I really feel for you if you don’t like Harry Potter! SORRY NOT SORRY :)))

Anyway, back to it, and today’s tag is: part of the film(s) that made me angry as they were missed out a part of the book. I actually have several things that make me angry, that were missed out (or portrayed wrong) but I won’t go into those again, today at least. 

The one thing that did really annoy me that they left out was Peeves, I loved him, there were so many funny moments and passages in the book that included him and I think that he would have been great to see on screen!

Is anyone else super annoyed that they left Peeves out?! Amongst other things of course, but that was really my main issue with the films.

Till next time, Em xx