October Horror Reading Update #3!

👻👻👻 It’s update time! 👻👻👻

So here is my second proper update for my October Horror Reads which I’m thoroughly enjoying, although how I’ve managed to find time to read amongst all the horror films I’ve been watching I will never know haha.

Number of books completed – To date I have now completed 7 of my Halloween reads! I’ve actually DNFR one of them too, just because I found it so hard to get into and then follow which is such a shame because the premise was so good 😦

Number of pages read – 1067 pages.

Currently reading – Horror Stories: A Short Story Collection by various authors.

Next read – The Haunted by Niki Valentine.

And then I will have completed my October horror reads which is super exciting!

Until next time, Em xxx

October Horror Reading Update #2!

👻👻👻 It’s update time! 👻👻👻

So here is my first update for my October Horror Reads which marks exactly 1 week since I shared I would only be reading horror and thriller books of October.

Number of books completed – 6. I’ve read Dr Sleep, I Can’t Sleep, Be Careful What You Wish For, The Ghost in the Closet, Typhoid Mary and Psychosis: Tales Of Horror.

Number of pages read – 845.

Currently reading – Absolutely nothing, as I’ve gotten through 6 books already (granted some where short stories) I’m taking a small break to play Animal Crossing as the fall update has been released!!!

Next read – I haven’t quite decided yet, I’m going to run a poll on my Twitter of the 2 books I’ve narrowed it down to so if you follow me on there be sure to vote.

My next update may not (definitely won’t) have as many books as this but I’m super pleased with my start so far.

Em xxx

October Horror Reading Update!

Hi fellow book friends and HAPPY OCTOBER, it’s finally spooky season and I am EXCITED. If you saw my Top Ten Tuesday post back in September you’d have seen my Autumn TBR is actually a list of 10 horror or thriller books that I want to read in October…

As it’s only the 1st October I am literally a few pages into some of these books so I don’t really have a lot to share haha! I’ve kicked October off by selecting I Can’t Sleep by J E Rowney and Dr Sleep by Stephen King.

I’ll be sharing my progress on these books, and my other October Horror Reads at least once a week, maybe more it depends how quickly I start getting through them.

EEEEK, I’m so excited to do this, I just love Halloween and can’t wait for spooky season!

Until next time, Em xxx

The Woman in Black, Susan Hill – A Review. [SPOILERS].

What Em's Reading (4)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! If I really thought about this review I could have saved the book until October and done like a spooky reading of it by candlelight but as it happens I’m impatient and wanted to read it straight away…

So, here is my review of The Woman in Black! Read in January 2020.

Overall rating – 3 stars out of 5.

Where to start… With the positives! The writing was excellent, with a book that is “horror” or “supernatural” the setting is a big part of what makes it a frightening read, and I think Susan Hill really captured that. I felt like we were inside the house and hearing Spider scratching at the door, or with the wind whipping outside while the mist rolled in upon us. It was really descriptive which set the supernatural theme.

I was properly shocked by the ending too, I did not expect that to happen and once it clicked in my head how it was going to end I had goosebumps all over. 

That being said, I really wanted to be scared by this book, everyone had told me how chilling it was and how I shouldn’t read it alone or at night, but I just feel a bit let down on the horror front. Whilst the setting was creepy and eerie, the actual supernatural and horror element didn’t really shine through the writing.

I was most disappointed with the lack of expansion in terms of The Woman in Black who the book is written about.

It had promise, and the descriptive writing was excellent, however, it just wasn’t scary enough for me 😦

Em xxx