Third Child: A Psychological Thriller, Kate Mitchell – A Review. [SPOILERS].

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Welcome to blog everyone, aloha, hello! I’m here again with a review, this time of a free Kindle book that I downloaded a few weeks ago, it’s Third Child: A Psychological Thriller. 

I DNFR this book, so my review and rating are based on the 35% of the book that I did actually attempt to read…

Overall rating 1 out of 5 stars. 

Where do I start, it seemed like such a good book, the blurb and small extract I read beforehand promised twists and turns like no other, a story sure to take you on a wild ride. I mean we went on a ride sure, but one that made no bloody sense.

From what I read of the book I really struggled to understand what was going on… It felt like there was no structure to the story, or any real idea of how it was going to progress.

One minute Cecilia is running away to a B&B after Angelina, a lady who got in contact with her to tell her a terrible story about the abortion clinic she works in, was “accidentally” hit by a bus. Next thing, she’s met some guy in the B&B (here comes the love interest *rolls eyes*) and then 4 lines later we’ve skipped forward 2 years… The writing here felt forced, unnatural and the author was trying to progress the story far too quickly.

And Cecilia, who was clearly going to be the main character, was just so damn annoying. She did not come across in a positive way at all, and when we’re meant to be rooting for her, experiencing her feelings and emotions, it was impossible to!

I really think I wouldn’t have enjoyed this book if I read right the way through, so I’m glad I DNFR. 

Let me know if you’ve managed to read it all the way through as I’d love to know what you thought!

Till next time, Em xxx