Love Your Life, Sophie Kinsella – A Review.

Hello fellow bookworms! I’m super excited to be bringing you my review of Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella today! You can check out the synopsis on Goodreads here.

Overall rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

As you’ll likely have seen, I am OBSESSED with Sophie Kinsella’s books, and Love Your Life was no different! In fact, I think it may be up there in my top 5 of hers…

Everything in this book worked together to just create the most wonderful story, that I happily devoured in a matter of hours, I literally couldn’t stop turning the pages!

To start with, Kinsella developed our two main characters, Ava and Matt perfectly, but it also felt as if she put the same amount of effort into creating both friendship groups as well. Every friend was different and it felt like there was a little bit of representation within the group as well, which was nice to see. Even the side characters, Matt’s ex girlfriend and his parents were well developed and had their own personalities that shone through the writing.

I cannot find a fault with our characters, they were all crafted so wonderfully and for me, they were the standout of the whole book!

As usual, Kinsella’s writing was excellent. She has this way of writing that almost puts you at ease, it’s so easy to slip into her books and just be taken away with the story and Love Your Life was no different. It made me laugh, gasp out loud and at points, I shed a few tears. Whilst it wasn’t exactly a rollercoaster of emotions (at points it was quite predictable) it definitely had me experiencing a range of different emotions throughout the story, a testament to the writing.

Whilst the atmosphere and intrigue certainly lacked I don’t feel that was entirely Kinsella’s fault, just the very nature of the books she writes imply a happy ending and don’t really relate themselves to having tense scenes or an overly relaxed atmosphere. I knew this when I started reading her books and so I can’t really see these as a fault of the book or the writing.

And the plot!!! Oh my goodness, I loved it! It had a really fresh feel to it, and I loved the idea of the writing retreat, and how that led Matt and Ava to meet. It was two of my favourite things, books and writing and holiday romances. I absolutely LOVED IT.

Kinsella also managed to weave some serious moments into the story, including a big focus around Nell’s health, she has lupus. It has certainly opened my eyes to more invisible illnesses and led me to do some research and reading around the subject.

There were also other equally as interesting plot lines and smaller plot lines… But I don’t want to give too much away except that everything wove together so well to form a truly interesting, different and refreshing read.

Everything about Love Your Life was the read I needed and I thoroughly enjoyed it, there is something about Kinsella’s writing that makes you feel as though she has wrapped you up in the fluffiest blanket, given you a hot chocolate and put you in front of the fire. Pure joy.

On the whole, I just loved this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a happy, feel good and easy read.

Until next time, Em xxx