Meet the book hoarder, avid reader, fiction obsessed person behind the blog!

HELLO FRIENDS I’m so so so happy you’re here and reading this post! I thought it was high time I updated my meet the blogger post as A LOT has changed since I last did one of these.

As you’ll see from the title of the post I do class myself as a book hoarder, avid reader, AND fiction obsessed human being, and honestly I always say I have three hobbies when it comes to books… Buying them | Rearranging them on my shelves | Reading them.

I am actually on a book buying ban at the moment because I’m trying to reduce my TBR by half before I purchase anymore, you can see my trials and tribulations of doing this on my twt @WhatEmsReadingX if you fancy a nosey.

ANYWAY, here are just a selection of random facts about me!

I’m only 5ft3″ and as such all of my books stacked up on top of each other TOWERS over me. I last did a photo op with this in like 2021 and I daren’t do it again because I will likely get crushed by books.

ALSO, here is a random face reveal because YE, why not!

I’m a huge football fan (I support Aston Villa for anyone who wants to know).

I’m a Libra, my birthday is October.

The most books I’ve ever had on my TBR was 169, and I felt entirely too overwhelmed by that number.

I have at least 3 fictional boyfs, and in no particular order, these are Edward Cullen | Patch Cipriano | Peeta Mellark. There are probably more that pop up every time I reread an old favourite too so!

I am HIGH KEY OBSESSED with Stranger Things, I cried for a week straight after the season 4 finale.

I have 15+ spotify playlists, organised by genre with super snazzy titles and covers, and then AT LEAST 5 playlists that I call mixtapes for the days I want a bit of everything or I can’t decide what I really want to listen to.

And on the topic of music, my favourite playlist is my IT’S NOT A PHASE MOM one, where it just has pop punk, rock, metal, and classic emo tracks.

I like to organise my bookshelves at least once a month.

I was about 15 when I got my first Kindle and I was in the phase of naming EVERYTHING by using alliteration and so I named it Kevin the Kindle… Every Kindle I’ve had since then has affectionally been named Kevin, even my most recent one.

I used to be SO obsessed with crime thrillers but either as I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen out of love with them or they’re becoming far too easy to predict. I think it’s the latter…

The longest a book has been unread on my shelf is approximately 7 years, it’s IT by Stephen King, it intimidates me and I’m scared to start it because idk if I’ll ever finish it.

I’m a horror film ADDICT and Scream is my all time favourite film, closely followed by (in no particular order) Halloween | The Conjuring | Psycho. And I have to say, I watched Hereditary and I absolutely hated every single second of it.

And there you have a bunch of random facts about me!

Until next time, Em xxx