📚Books I’ve added to my to buy shelf recently📚

Hello bookworms and friends, I recently asked on Twitter for people to recommend me their favourite book of the year so far, and then I combined that with posts I’ve saved from blogs I follow to create this list of books that I have added to my to buy shelf!

Kololo Hill by Neema Shah – synopsis here.

Amelia Unabridged by Ashley Schumacher – synopsis here.

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley – synopsis here.

Crown of Bones by A K Wilder – synopsis here.

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert – synopsis here.

Verity by Colleen Hoover – synopsis here.

Deity by Matt Wesolowski – synopsis here.

The Split by Laura Kay – synopsis here.

The Nothing Man by Cathrine Ryan Howard – synopsis here.

Black Coral by Andrew Mayne – synopsis here.

The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward – synopsis here.

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke – synopsis here.

Another Life by Jodie Chapman – synopsis here.

Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner – synopsis here.

The Lost Hours by Susan Lewis – synopsis here.

The Open House by Sam Carrington – synopsis here.

When I finished adding these to my “to buy” shelf on Goodreads, I also got rid of some that no longer interested me! Leaving me with a total of: 120 books that I want to read and 33 books that I need to purchase/lend from the library to read.

I honestly don’t know if I will ever stop adding books to my TBR (probs not) so I imagine I will be updating this list as time goes on!

Be sure to let me know if you’ve read any of these books and if you’d recommend them and if you’ve reviewed them.

Until next time, Em xxx

My updated TBR list/Kindle list.


What is up guys & welcome back to my blog! It’s a bonus post today from me, as I have had a MASSIVE overhaul of my Kindle books and actually rediscovered my love of my Kindle❤️ it’s like my little pocket pal lmao.

So here is my updated Kindle & TBR list, it’ll be well into the new year and beyond because there is quite a lot…

Where possible I’ve included links to Goodreads in case you want to look up the book I’ve included!

A Deadly Delivery: A psychic cafe mysteryApril Dewsbury

Death’s DoorPaul Finch

The HuntedRachel Blackledge

Last GaspRobert F Barker

Twilight: A Nursing Home Mystery Greg Cornwell

Flatlined: A near death experienceJohn Meany

Even Good Girls: A Murder MysteryNicholas Jordan

One Week Till ChristmasBelinda Missen

Virtual InsanityCharlie Dalton

Third ChildKate Mitchell

Die My Love: A Dark Horror AnthologyVarious authors

See You SoonNC Marshall

Twisted All To HellJ E Moore

The Ghost FilesApryl Baker

The Doll J C Martin

The Grand – Evelyn Charters

Before You WakeAdam Nevill

Coraline Neil Gaiman

Can you keep a secret? Sophie Kinsella

The Stranger Albert Camus

Lord of the FliesWilliam Golding

Book of Shadows / The UnseenAlexandra Sokoloff

Shadowland / Magic Terror: Seven Tales / The Hellfire Club / A Dark MatterPeter Straub

Bag of Bones / Gerald’s Game / Four Past Midnight / Everything’s Eventual / Cujo / Tommyknockers / InsomniaStephen King

I have also re-downloaded the Percy Jackson series because I want to do a reread, I haven’t read these for SO LONG that I thought I’d treat myself haha.

I’m really excited to start some of these books, I’ve deliberately not read too much about them, and picked them because I liked the titles or because they fell into my “category” that I searched on the Kindle store.

I will, of course, be reviewing all of the books I read and share them with you guys!

See yaaaaaaa. Em xx

Books I want to read after starting my blog…


I have about 20 books to read on my bookshelf and kindle, but I cannot stop myself from saving other people’s posts for later so I can have a nosey on Goodreads and then on Amazon at buying YET MORE BOOKS (someone send help cos this is getting out of hand lmao)

SO! To stop me buying more books than I physically have room for I’m going to list them all here and then come back to them when I’ve cleared some of my TBR list. Buckle up cos we are here for a ride.

  • The Chain by Adam McKinty
  • The Honeymoon by Rona Halsall
  • The Escape Room by Megan Goldin
  • I know you’re There by Sarah Simpson
  • My Daughter’s Secret by Nicole Trope
  • The Liar’s Child by Carla Buckley
  • Murder in the Bookshop by Carolyn Wells
  • Murder served cold by Eric Brown
  • The Invited by Jennifer Mcmahon
  • The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan
  • Little Darlings by Melanie Golding
  • Murder from Scratch by Leslie Karst
  • The Rumour by Lesley Kara

As you can see there’s a lot of books with murder in the title, but some of these I am super excited to read after seeing some of you guys review them! I can’t wait to read some books off my shelf so I can legit buy these to read!

Till next time, Em xx

Mirror Mirror, Anthony M Strong – A Review. [SPOILERS]

What Em's Reading (4)

Hello my lovely followers and welcome to you if you’re new to my blog!

I’ve just finished reading (what I would say is a short story) called Mirror Mirror, it was a free kindle book that I found when I searched for horror books.

Overall rating – 1/5. I like to be scared when I read or watch something horror and it just fell flat.

The story itself could have been made much longer if the author was to actually expand on the backstory, alas he didn’t.

It just was not an enjoyable read, even when I didn’t pay for it!

On the whole, Mirror Mirror was pretty rubbish, it failed to scare me, it didn’t make me want to carry on reading and it left a few unanswered questions. A disappointment all round.

Until next time,

Em xx

What would you recommend?

Hi guys!

I’m just looking through my bookshelf and I’m getting pretty close to the end of my to-read list, I mean, I literally have 6 fiction books left and 3 none fiction (but I can pick these up whenever they’re just for general learning).

Which means, I need some ideas of what to read next… A bit of background, I’m happy to scour charity shops, book stores, I have a library card and I have a kindle so PRETTY PLEASE HIT ME WITH UR SUGGESTIONS FOR BOOKS!!!

I’m thinking the few fiction books I have to read are not going to last me the year so I need some ideas and inspiration. I’m happy to give anything a read once, so hit me with your ideas.


Thanks so much! Xx

Inferno, Dan Brown – A Review. [SPOILERS]

What Em's Reading (4)

Hello my lovely followers,

I’ve just completed Inferno by Dan Brown so I thought I’d put a quick post together on it (and by quick I mean it’ll be suuuuper long)

So, whenever I read Dan Brown’s books I always like to figure out what’s going on and how it will end. I got one part right this time – go me.

ANYWAY! To my review…

I’m speechless. I don’t expect anything less than excellence from Dan Brown and I wasn’t disappointed this time.

It was fast paced, without rushing, it featured so much history and background to bring everything together, each chapter was a cliff hanger.

Relying heavily on Dante’s The Divine Comedy it had to feature a lot of history, but not too much it became “boring” which it achieved effortlessly.

Each chapter brought us another twist and turn and each character introduction was done at just the right time to aid the book.

Dan Brown creates a book full of turns and twists and things that throw you upside down to create a masterpiece, a scavenger hunt contained within a book full to the brim with history.

This book made such an impression on me that I not only brought my own copy of Dante’s The Divine Comedy (review to come!) But that I am looking for holidays to Florence to explore some of the places mentioned in the book.

My overall rating? 4 out of 5. 4 because I felt at a very small point about 2 thirds through we lost ourselves a little bit before the book was pulled back to the plot.

Have you read Inferno? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Em xx

2019 TBR – I’ll update as the year goes on!

Hello everyone! And Happy New Year, it’s officially 2019 in England and it feels the same as last year, except the realisation that I’m going to be 20 bloody 4 this year, I’m going to sob in the corner.

I joke (I don’t really 😦 ) but I have SO many books to read this year, and I’m hoping to get through them fairly quickly so I can get some reviews up and then also find some other books to read (I’m completely open to suggestions so if anyone has read a good book lately, let me know!) If I do find some books that others have read or get suggestions, I’ll compile a blog post of them all so I can share them with you guys too 🙂

A lot of these books are Stephen King, I was kindly gifted a big set of his books around 2 years ago and I’m still working my way through them! There’s also my goal to complete the Brandon Sanderson series, in January, just one more book to read!

I’ll update this blog as I go along through the year with a done/read note and a link? can I do that? to each review I do, plus of course, any new books I add to my list. 

So, here goes!

1 – Mistborn Book 3 – The Hero Of Ages – Brandon Sanderson

2 – Misery – Stephen King

3 – IT – Stephen King (I’m hoping to read this before the second film comes out, as I watched the first film before I read the book which is unlike me!)

4 – End Of Watch – Stephen King

5 –  The Green Mile – Stephen King

6 – Inferno – Dan Brown

7 – Origin – Dan Brown

There will be so many more to add to this list, but I’m hoping to get these read in the first 3 or 4 months of 2019,  Mistborn book 3 is my priority! I also want to make sure I read It before chapter 2 is released in late 2019. I’m aiming to re-read a couple of other Stephen King books too, but they won’t take precedence until I’ve read everything else!

Anyway, what are your reading goals for 2019? Are you broadening your horizons or sticking to what you know with a few that have been on your shelf for ages?! Let me know in the comments.

Em Xx