The Haunted, Niki Valentine – A Review.

Good morning (or afternoon depending on where you are/what time you’re reading this) my fellow blogger pals! Today I am bringing to you a review that I really struggled to write, mostly because I had no idea how to write this other than to say “the book was trash”… So yes.

The Haunted by Niki Valentine.

Overall rating 1 out of 5 stars.

My review…

I had incredibly high hopes for this book, I deliberately kept it to read during my October horror/thriller reads and after reading the blurb I thought I’d made the right decision… I was mistaken.

As a book marketed as a horror, paranormal and spooky I expected this book to be something that made me want to sleep with the light on, what I actually got was something I can only describe as like walking through treacle.

The book itself was very slow to start and didn’t feature much in the way of plot, we were quickly introduced to our main characters, Martin and Susie, through their sniping and nit picking with each other – which was boring to read.

As I read deeper into the book I built an intense dislike for both of our main characters, nothing about them was likeable. For the entirety of the book we were simply treated to them sniping at each other as they both “felt the effects” of the supposed paranormal being that was with them in the bothy…

The blurb describes how we will be chilled to the bone, and sadly that didn’t happen for me. Our paranormal being was never present enough to have an impact, he was like a passing shadow and didn’t bring anything to the story.

As for the plot, it was completely non-existent and the ending did nothing to round off the novel, except leave us with more questions than answers and a burning desire to never pick up this book again.

I struggled with this book, to find anything positive about it. Which is a real shame as I had looked forward to reading this since I brought it a few months back.

Let me know if you’ve read The Haunted and what you thought.

Em xxx