Rating my 2019 TBR list…

Hi guys! I felt like doing something a bit different today and I decided what better than to revisit some of my old posts! The first one I came across was my 2019 TBR which you can read here before you read the rest of this post.

I also want to make it known that I am, in fact, high key embarrassed by that post🙈

Apparently 2019 me thought that “I had a lot of books to read” so let’s all take a second to lol at 2019 me…

2019 = 7 books on my TBR / 2021 = 118 books on my TBR + 36 books on my to buy shelf. Yes, 2019 Em, you had SO MANY BOOKS.

I actually feel a lot embarrassed by myself and how naïve I was thinking that 7 books was a lot! Ahhh, and to think I was overwhelmed by 7 books on my TBR and now I’m just like:

This Is Fine - Download Free 3D model by Laura (@aplut) [0a0d3d3]

Whenever I look at my current TBR…

Be sure to check out my linked post above if you want to feel some second hand embarrassment and for the entirety of this post to make sense!

Until next time, Em xxx