Talk To Me, Roseanne Beck – A Review. [SPOILERS].

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WOOP, hello my wonderful followers, how are we all?! Sorry, I’m really excited today and I’m not sure why. ANYWAY, I’m back again with a review for a free Kindle book that I’ve not long read, Talk To Me by Roseanne Beck. 

Overall rating – 4 out of 5 stars. 

This book could not be further out of my comfort zone if I tried, a romance novel with a touch of the supernatural? But it was actually a really good read. 

The dynamic between Austin and Laura was what sold the book to me, they had this really easy going, relaxed, banter filled relationship. It initially started out as Laura’s aunt meddling in her life, before turning into a friendship and eventually a relationship – it didn’t rush into anything, which is part of what made me enjoy this book so much more.

I also really loved Marge, I thought the interactions with her were hilarious! My only wish is that we had a few more stories etc from here throughout the book, she was a brilliant character.

The supernatural aspect was Austin being able to hear dead people, I did think to myself “oh god this is a bit weird” but I could see the further we got into the story how it related itself to the storyline.

The best word I can describe this book with is wholesome, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I finished reading it! (Christ I sound sad lmao). Whilst I wouldn’t flock to buy other books of a similar nature, I am glad I read this book and I did really enjoy it!

This will make my 4th book of November too! I promise I did read this in November, as you all know I have an obsession with hoarding drafts…

Till next time, Em xx