Twilight, Stephenie Meyer – A Review.

Hello everyone! I’m here with a review of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I’m doing a re-read of the entire series ahead of the release of Midnight Sun this August (eeeek!) This is not going to be a proper review, with a good structure, it is literally me word vomiting about Twilight haha.

As always there may be spoilers in my review so please proceed with caution!

I first read Twilight way back when it came out, and I was OBSESSED, I mean I still am as an adult to be honest… Everything I felt reading it came back to me as if it was the first time all over again.

Twilight is probably my favourite book of the series because it’s when we actually get to meet the characters. It took me a little while to warm to Bella when I started reading, but after a few chapters I finally started to enjoy her interactions. Obviously, I love Edward and his whole family and I do feel that Meyer used Twilight to give us a good look into the Cullen’s and their family.

However, the background characters are very stereotypical, there is barely any diversity amongst them and they weren’t inventive. I do feel that Meyer could have expanded upon these further.

The story itself is quite simple, but the vampire aspect and the legends that come from Jacob and the Quileutes help to bring another aspect to the story, they add layers to it. I also really enjoyed the James tracking Bella aspect to the story, it was different and gave us a chance to see the characters in a new light. I still get scared when Bella decides to go off by herself to the ballet studio!

The setting of the book was excellent, it did feel at points as though we were in rainy Forks with Bella, surrounded by the forest or inside the Cullen’s grand house, or Bella’s high school. Meyer really brought that the story to life for me and I found it easy to visualise based on her writing.

I have so many emotions reading this book, and I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it so much now I’m an adult. While I certainly saw a few things differently I can honestly say that I loved re-reading Twilight, it gave me so much joy!

I will be sharing reviews of the remaining 3 books too, so keep an eye out for those once I’ve read them.

Em xxx