Mini reviews!

Sleeping Beauti by D B Green and A K Steen. Published December 2019.

I wanted to enjoy this book so much, it sounded absolutely amazing from the description. Individually, each section of this book was excellent, but when you put them together to form a story it didn’t gel. I felt confused by Rose and Philip to begin with and then even more so later in the story, which definitely did not help with the lack of gelling.

Sleeping Beauti had all the makings of a good story, and I do think it would have been better had the story been longer and allowed the author to expand more on the background, which would have enhanced the story. 

Secrets on Sale by Willow Morgan. Published September 2020.

I don’t want to sound horrible but I’m just going to say this… I hated this story.

There were far too many people introduced to us in such a short space of time, which made it incredibly difficult to keep up with and to know what was going on. Which was made worse when the plot was all over the place and seemed to at one point focus on something entirely different to the end game.

And the “romance” aspect was just downright unnecessary in the grand scheme of the book…

It’s hard with a short story, I find, to get the balance between including enough and then including too much. There has to be a good plot but that also has to be well developed within the few pages the author is allowing themselves, something I felt neither of these books did well.

Until next time, Em xxx