The Shopaholic Series!

Hello fellow book bloggers and friends! I have decided to combine my posts on the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella and create one kind of review/rating post, because a lot of my thoughts and feelings are similar throughout the books and I didn’t want it to just be same-y!

My plan is to rate each book below, using the CAWPILE system and then do an overall review of the 5 books of the series that I read and the reasons why I only read 5 books in the series.

Confessions of a Shopaholic – 3 stars.

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan – 3 stars.

Shopaholic Ties the Knot – 3 stars.

Shopaholic and Sister – 4 stars.

Shopaholic and Baby – 3 stars.

As you can see from my ratings, Shopaholic and Sister was by far my favourite of the series, it was the one that I just thought stood out and offered something more than just a shopping addicted main character.

Character wise, I found all of the characters (with the exception of one, I’m sure you can guess who!) to be really interesting, I thought throughout the books that Luke was a shining star, and Suze was just the friend everyone needed.

But Becky, who the books were actually about, was just so frustrating. I know that was the point of her character, but I think the last couple of years have really weakened my tolerance for absolute DICKHEADS, which is what Becky was…

The one thing I will say in favour of these books is how easy they were to read, I adore Kinsella’s writing, it’s so easy to get caught up in the story and you just kind of float along whilst you read them. I can pass so much time with her writing style, I adore how she tells the story!

My evaluation of the plot changes for each book, but on the whole I did enjoy the actual story line too, the only one that I really started to get frustrated with was Shopaholic and Baby, it just seemed crazy ridiculous.

The entertainment value that I always get from Kinsella’s books, no matter how frustrating the characters or any other aspects, is so high. They are some of the only books that I will always pick up no matter what they’re about. And the Shopaholic series was no different, it brought me so much joy to read these books.

However, I did make the decision to stop after the first 5 books of the series. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoyed the Shopaholic and Baby book anywhere near as much as the others, and it kinda put me off reading the rest of the series 😦 which is a real shame because I had become highly invested in Luke and Becky (mostly just Luke lmao).

Anyway! There are my ratings of the first 5 books in the Shopaholic series. Let me know if you’ve read the books and what you thought.

Until next time, Em xxx