Taken: Captive Romance, Esme Devlin – A Review. [SPOILERS].

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Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! I’m here with a review of a free Kindle romance book that I downloaded – Taken: Captive Romance by Esme Devlin. 

On the whole, I thought this book was the perfect balance of intriguing, romantic and slightly dangerous, all wrapped up into a tasty little book. However, it did have a lot of potential that I felt wasn’t unlocked.

I really like Sofia, our main female lead, she had a certain spirit about her that made her likeable. But, I wish her background and earlier life was expanded upon it felt like we had to rely on our imagination quite a lot to explain the situation.

The same with our alpha male, Julian, there was so much unresolved potential in terms of who he is, why he was “entitled” to Sofia. 

The story itself was where the book was let down, it was highly intriguing but I feel it just threw us in at the deep end and didn’t expand upon why Sofia was taken, the links she had from a previous life and any of her or Julian’s background.

The author certainly didn’t shy away from the romance aspect though, and the one thing I will say is it was very well done! It took a while to get to that point, but the tension was built up the closer we got, and then went off like an explosion!

Taken: A Captive Romance was good, I enjoyed it and it’s definitely something I’d reread whilst sat around a pool in the sun. I do wish the plot went deeper though, as it all seemed very superficial and like the author didn’t move past the first layer.

Em xxx