The Craftsman – Sharon Bolton

Link to book – The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton.

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

I was completely OBSESSED with this book, it was amazing.

From the get go we are introduced to Florence, who narrates the story in first person, through two different time periods. And in both periods she was a BADASS I loved her, she was incredibly well written and just downright awesome as a person.

Okay, now I’ve got my obsession with Florence out of the way…

The entire book from start to finish was impeccable, the writing was nothing short of perfection. The author crafted (pardon the pun) the book in the most amazing way, words woven together to form a blanket around you that gets tighter and tighter until you become so immersed into it that you can’t believe you’ve never read this book before.

Which only helped with the atmosphere which was a 10/10, I felt terrified by this book at certain points.

The plot as well was like nothing I had read before. I loved how the author formed this story that also featured witchcraft and craftsmen in the most incredible way. Everything was perfectly linked together, along with the story of the missing children, to create a plot that was so breathtaking and unputdownable.

I liked the way the book was laid out as well, I feel like it helped it come full circle and I like how the story ended, everything was wrapped up but it still left that little air of mystery that was needed to keep the magic alive.

And whilst entertaining and enjoyable aren’t the words I would use to describe this book it was definitely one I will keep recommending to people.

Until next time, Em xxx