The Final Empire, Brandon Sanderson – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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Hello my lovelies!

& happy October! It’s my birthday month this month so I’m pretty excited😊

Back to the reason for my post however…

I have completed The Final Empire, Mistborn book one by Brandon Sanderson.

It’s actually taken me a while to complete this book, mainly because I read about a third and put it down for 3 months. Once I picked it back up I was done within a week.

It was a slow burner, but at the same time kept you wanting to turn the pages. The long chapters that Sanderson writes lend well to the page turning, especially for people like me that say “ill just finish this chapter”!!

It’s only been the last sort of hundred pages or so of the book that I felt it really came to a head and things kicked tf off.

However, the incredible way Sanderson writes more than makes up for this. Everything he does, every line he writes laid a foundation for the last hundred or so pages.

It’s been within the last hundred pages or so that I have gasped out loud, laughed, wanted to cry and actually shouted “what the fuck” so loud my mom came in my room asking why I was yelling😂

I particularly enjoyed the way he delved into the metal burning and the allomancy. Entirely fictional of course!

Whilst I struggled to enjoy the book in parts, once I finished it I realised how necessary every single part previously was, which in turn made me realise I did actually enjoy the book as a whole.

I’m really looking forward to reading the next two books in the series! They’ll be following directly from this one so expect some updates!

Until next time,

Em x