The House Share – Kate Helm

Link to book – The House Share by Kate Helm

Rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

TRIGGER WARNING – Discussion of sexual assault, revenge porn and suicide are all within this story. I won’t be discussing them within this review but please take care of yourself and avoid this book if you feel these topics may be triggering for you.

Oh my god I am fuming. I really really enjoyed this book right up to the ending and then it just got completely ruined and I wanted to violently LAUNCH it out of the window – as you can tell, I’m annoyed with this one.

The ending seems a silly place to start but just roll with it… The ending was what made me hate this book. Whilst it didn’t leave me with a shit tonne of questions, it certainly left me feeling let down and like I’d wasted my time reading it.

But to the things I did enjoy from this story… The characters were the absolute HIGHLIGHT of this story for me, they were so cleverly crafted and well written, and they complimented each other throughout the story. The book was mostly written from Immi’s POV, who I found to be really interesting, it was a refreshing perspective of hers, and occasional chapters narrated by Dex, who I also enjoyed reading the story through his eyes.

I also felt like the book had a really good atmosphere, the whole idea of the community living space and the “pranks” and the secrecy really brought this entire book to life.

And whilst I did enjoy the plot, until the ending as I said above, I did think there were story lines that were woven in at the beginning and then never picked up again or completed and it really disappointed me, it felt like a waste of time to include them and made me feel like a bit of the intrigue we felt was just because the author led us on a wild goose chase.

On the same vein, I found the plot to be a bit difficult to keep up with too, it felt at points like it got lost in the story.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some truly stand out aspects of this book, and I did really enjoy parts of it, however, I struggled with the plot and the ending and that for me was just really disappointing.

Until next time, Em xxx