Good Girl (Wicked #1), Piper Lawson – A Review. [SPOILERS].

Hey guys I’m back again with a review of Good Girl by Piper Lawson, which is book 1 of the Wicked series. And here is my review!

Let me start by saying that this book was my teenage dream written on paper. The thought of getting to travel with a rock star and be behind the scenes on the tour was literally my goal as a teenager, so this book was literally perfect to me.

The plot line was amazing, I loved the way everything panned out and developed, it didn’t feel rushed once and had a real slow burn feel to it. If anything that made it feel more believable and relatable as a real relationship.

Whilst there weren’t many sexual scenes in the book there was a LOT of unresolved tension which the Piper Lawson did an excellent job of writing, it didn’t feel cheap or overdone at any point.

I feel that we were let down a little bit with the lack of history in the book, it was very much in the now and we didn’t get chance to learn anything about Haley’s background. Which I was disappointed about as it played a large part of the story!

Character wise I love Jax and Haley, but I wish we got the same depth to some of the other characters as we did to them, some others were mentioned just as much but the author didn’t give them the same attention.

I will say though they were developed enough that background to the story made sense and there were no plot holes and I do appreciate that the story was about Jax and Haley not the minor characters!

I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who will listen, I loved it and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the next two and see where Jax and Haley ended up.

Em xxx