Expanding my horizons for 2019…

Hello my lovelies!

We’re fully into 2019 now (like we weren’t before lmao) and I’ve already published a blog post on the fiction books I want to read in 2019, but I’ve also decided to expand my horizons a little bit and download some none fiction books to my kindle.

I took philosophy and ethics as one of my A levels back in 2013 and it was the one subject that really captured my interest, and if it wasn’t for the fact that there isn’t really anything you can do with a degree in it (if there is any jobs please let me know I’d love to do a degree and have a valid reason for doing it!) I would have studied it at uni, however, I didn’t.

That being said, it still really interests me, so in 2019 one of my reading goals is to read the several ethics books on my shelf & also the ones I’ve downloaded to my Kindle. I’ll be sharing blog posts on them, titles will be [None Fiction] … so if you prefer my other posts on fiction books you can skip straight past!

I’m also going to make some notes and annotate my paper copies of the books, so I’ll be sharing some of my own thoughts on theories presented in the book – a bit different but kind of the same as when I review books.

As I’ll be reading fiction and none fiction I can read them alongside each other without getting confused so there’ll likely be a couple of posts coming out at the same time!

I’m super excited to get started and make some notes so I’ll be updating again soon!

Em Xx


2019 TBR – I’ll update as the year goes on!

Hello everyone! And Happy New Year, it’s officially 2019 in England and it feels the same as last year, except the realisation that I’m going to be 20 bloody 4 this year, I’m going to sob in the corner.

I joke (I don’t really 😦 ) but I have SO many books to read this year, and I’m hoping to get through them fairly quickly so I can get some reviews up and then also find some other books to read (I’m completely open to suggestions so if anyone has read a good book lately, let me know!) If I do find some books that others have read or get suggestions, I’ll compile a blog post of them all so I can share them with you guys too 🙂

A lot of these books are Stephen King, I was kindly gifted a big set of his books around 2 years ago and I’m still working my way through them! There’s also my goal to complete the Brandon Sanderson series, in January, just one more book to read!

I’ll update this blog as I go along through the year with a done/read note and a link? can I do that? to each review I do, plus of course, any new books I add to my list. 

So, here goes!

1 – Mistborn Book 3 – The Hero Of Ages – Brandon Sanderson

2 – Misery – Stephen King

3 – IT – Stephen King (I’m hoping to read this before the second film comes out, as I watched the first film before I read the book which is unlike me!)

4 – End Of Watch – Stephen King

5 –  The Green Mile – Stephen King

6 – Inferno – Dan Brown

7 – Origin – Dan Brown

There will be so many more to add to this list, but I’m hoping to get these read in the first 3 or 4 months of 2019,  Mistborn book 3 is my priority! I also want to make sure I read It before chapter 2 is released in late 2019. I’m aiming to re-read a couple of other Stephen King books too, but they won’t take precedence until I’ve read everything else!

Anyway, what are your reading goals for 2019? Are you broadening your horizons or sticking to what you know with a few that have been on your shelf for ages?! Let me know in the comments.

Em Xx

Our trip to Disneyland Paris 💓💘

Ahhh I’m finally sharing it! I’m officially on my Christmas break from work so I’ve got a lot more time on my hands so I thought I’d share our trip to Disney!

We went for our 2 year anniversary, in November. It was a 5 day trip, we went on the 19th November, our actual anniversary💘

We stopped in the Vienna Dream Castle Hotel, about a 10 minute shuttle bus from the park and it was adorable, we had breakfast included at the hotel but that was all as we are both super fussy eaters and wanted to pick and choose where we ate.

Over the 5 days we were there we there we ate somewhere different each time which was nice!

On the Tuesday we hit Walt Disney Studios Park, for a walk around and it snowed, it was SO magical, here are some pictures…

I had my photo with Mike from Monsters Inc & Rex from Toy Story and we brought new hats cos it was bloody cold!

The Walt Disney Studios Park was amazing, we only spent one day in there as we did everything we wanted to. We went on every single ride in there🎢🎡 and the queues for some of the rides were so small we went on twice.

On day two, three & four we visited the main Disney Park and I was blown away by how magical it was❤👑 I always knew it would be festive and magical, the time of year we went saw to that, but I felt like I was in a dream, the sun was shining and everything looked so beautiful.

Because we had tickets for 4 days we took our time looking round and I took over 300 photos and videos of our trip. My poor boyfriend!

On the first day in the Disney Park we saw the Christmas parade which featured loads of Disney’s key characters, INCLUDING EEYORE. I cried when I saw him, I love him so much😭

Throughout the days we explored the park, went on every ride we wanted to go on, and explored so much. Here are some of our pictures…

We watched so many parades and shows, did Alice’s labyrinth, saw the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, it was amazing❤

We had the best time celebrating our anniversary and I definitely would go back (but for now I’m happy to just look through all my pictures)

Love Em X

TBR – December


As you’ll know I finally finished The Well of Ascension which means I have a new book to read for December!

I’m really lucky at work, I get 2 full weeks off for Christmas just by taking 3 days of annual leave so I’m going to have so much time to read…

My main TBR for December is The Hero of Ages which will then mean I’ve completed the Mistborn Book series😬

So I’m really excited to start reading and to ultimately let you guys what I thought of it!

In the meantime, take a look through my blog you’ll be able to see my reviews on the first 2 books and I’ll update as soon as I’ve finished this one!

Lots of love, Em X

The Well of Ascension – completed it mate

Aloha!!! (That’s become my favourite way of saying Hello after went to Disney soz)

I have completed Mistborn Book 2 – The Well of Ascension. WOOP.

And, well, wow. I suprised myself really with this book, I really enjoyed it from the second I picked it up but for some reason about 200 pages from the end I stopped reading for a couple of weeks, which now I’ve finished it, I wish I hadn’t stopped reading.

It was brilliant. From start to finish the whole book was a thousand times better than the first one. Because the scene was already set this book delved so much more into the journey that the empire undergoes.

There were a few different strands of the story, that all came together beautifully, with The Well of Ascension there was nothing, that I felt, was left unexplained.

There were a few shocks along the way, one that actually made me out loud say “I didn’t see that coming” and another that I’m hoping they’ll explore further in the next book.

I found The Well of Ascension to be a truly exciting, epic adventure and I can’t wait to start on book 3!

Till next time,

Em X

Book tags / questions…

Hi everyone❤

A short & sweet post today! I’m looking to do some book tags & answer some questions inbetween review posts.

So! If anyone has any questions or would be so kind as to tag me in some blogs with book tags I’d be ever so grateful!

Thanks & speak soon.

Em X

The Truth About Forever – a review.


I’m back, kind of anyway… this isn’t one of my usual book choices (maybe if you asked 14 year old me it would be) but as I forgot to take my book to work with me for my lunch break I had to use my kindle app😬

So I read The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.

If I could sum the book up in one word it would be “average”.

It follows a similar kind of pattern to her other books, the main character is the same as her other books and there is always a “change” in the key character that the parent(s) don’t like. But it’s a happy ending because the girl & boy get together – yay.

I found the book quite boring, having read similar when I was younger, but hey, it wasted my lunch break!

I wouldn’t rush to pick it up again but I won’t undownload it from my kindle (unless I was desperate on space, and then twilight would go first).

Anyway! I’ll be getting back to my Brandon Sanderson book this month so keep an eye for a review on the finally finished book!

Em x