The Woman in the Window, A J Finn – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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I’ve just finished another book, as you can see from the title The Woman in The Window, by A. J. Finn. It’s called “astounding, thrilling, amazing” by Gillian Flynn the author of Gone Girl and even Stephen King called it “unputdownable” so I had extremely high expectations for this book…

On the whole, I was disappointed. The blurb of the book really builds the story up, Anna hasn’t left her home in 10 months, watches her neighbours (bit weird but sure) and one day hears a scream from across the street, I’m summarising.

The book itself I found takes entirely too long to actually build up to the main “story line” if you could call it that. I’m all for a book with twists and turns, but I found A.J.Finn to just be pulling the twists from thin air. It took ages to get into the main premise of the story and then once we got “there” A.J.Finn, I felt, was throwing too much into it without any thought of how that lined up with the rest of the story and shoved as many twists as possible without any background to them.

I was expecting a really good read, and whilst I did read through it really quickly because I wanted to see what happened, I did feel on the whole it was a bit MEH. 

Out of 5, I’d give The Woman In The Window 3 out of 5.

Have you read it? Let me know in the comments what you thought! X

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