First Line Friday – Thinner by Stephen King­čôÜ

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Aloha and welcome back to another First Line Friday! Hosted by Hoarding Books!┬áToday I’m posting a line from┬áThinner┬áby┬áStephen King.┬á


“‘Thinner’, the old gypsy man with the rotting nose whispers to William Halleck as Halleck and his wife, Heidi, come out of the courthouse”.┬á

I actually reviewed this not long ago, as I’ve just finished reading it! It was so good and as soon as I read the first line I was hooked. Check out my review here!

Are you taking part in First Line Friday? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “First Line Friday – Thinner by Stephen King­čôÜ

  1. I believe this was the last of the Bachman books where Stephen King was going by a different name. It was good but I preferred The Long Walk and Running Man of the books by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King.


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