Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I would follow on social media📚

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Hello my lovely followers! I’m back this week with another TTT (I missed out last week just because there was so much going on 😦 but I have returned). This weeks TTT, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is book characters I would follow on social media…

And here we GOOOOOOOOOOO! (I decided to do my top 5 and then a lil explanation of why instead of 10).

1 – Dr Hannibal Lecter. HELLO, the man is literally a wealth of knowledge, why would I not want to follow him to enlighten my life with info…

2 – Percy Jackson. I love Percy, I think his character is hilarious and we all need a good laugh in our lives.

3 – Luna Lovegood. I think Luna is a mix of the two above, she’s full of useless knowledge (which is great for quizzes lmao) but she’s also so innocently funny.

4 – Oliver Wood. OKAY, I am a massive football fan and I feel like Oliver is the kinda guy I can get behind and support on social media lmao.

5 – Robert Langdon. Again, the knowledge, the things you would learn, the beautiful places he visits! It’s all very history-esque and I love that vibe.

Who would you guys follow on social media? I know mine is quite a mix but that’s similar to my actual follow list!

Till next time, Em xxx

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