Sealed With A Kiss, Leeanna Morgan – A Review.

Sealed With A Kiss by Leeanna Morgan.

Overall rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

I absolutely adored this book, it made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside when I finished reading it.

Sealed With A Kiss was a slow burner to start off with, but once I got settled into the story I couldn’t help but be swept up with our characters.

The dynamic that Bella and Rachel had really made this book for me, we almost watched Bella grow throughout the time she spent with Rachel.

That being said, I liked how the author didn’t think Bella having a female role model put a plaster over the fact that her Dad missed a lot of her life and was away from her quite often. We still felt Bella’s pain and upset through the pages. It felt real.

I also loved John and Rachel’s relationship and dynamic, I felt it built up wonderfully throughout the book and again was very real.

I did get frustrated part way through as John was highly protective of his daughter and Rachel and it took quite some time for us to find out why – but I think my frustration was more that I’m impatient haha.

Whilst we did get our happy ending we had to go through some heartache to get to that point and I’m glad we did, because it made the ending that much sweeter.

I keep saying it, but even the heartache felt real – nothing about this book felt forced or over the top, it was just brilliantly written.

On the whole, Sealed With A Kiss was just a really nice read, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it was lovely!

If you’ve read this one let me know what you thought.

Until next time, Em xxx

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