Digital Fortress, Dan Brown – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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Hello hello!

I’m writing this while Love Island series 2 is on pause on Netflix, I gave into the pressure and decided to catch up… I am hooked.

Anyway! It’s probably going to take me about an hour to write this cos I’ll be constantly stopping for Love Island but I will edit it before I publish, so sorry if I’m rambling🙈

Moving on!

I picked up Digital Fortress on my lunch break from work, it was on offer in W H Smiths and I’d read Dan Brown before so I thought I’d give it ago… it sat for a few days before I picked it up but I finished it in a day. Yep, a day. The only other book I’ve done that with was Harry Potter.

It was brilliant.

From start to finish, every twist and turn that made you think you knew what was going on, only for something to become clear and you realised you were completely wrong. Every page made you hold your breath expecting something to happen – which of course it did.

The way he described the locations, it made you feel as though you were there, in particular the main location of the story you could hear the machines working, feel the heat off them, stunningly described.

And then the characters, well, the depth in which they were explained, but not just initially, we gradually learnt about them.

How he starts the book with something so simple as a romantic getaway that suddenly becomes a fast paced, breathtaking read.

Honestly, it was sensational.

It’s made me want to read his books again – I’ll add them to my list!

So, if you’re looking for a page turner, to take your breath away and have you guessing, pick up a copy of the Digital Fortress. I’d 10/10 recommend.

Lots of love, Em. X

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