Top 10 Tuesday – TT bookish discoveries I made in 2019๐Ÿ“š

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Aloha my lovely followers! I hope everyone is well and settled into the roaring 20’s… I’m back today with another TTT hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and this time it’s focusing on bookish discoveries that I made in 2019.

I don’t think I quite made 10 discoveries, but I certainly made a few, so here are my top ones!

NetGalley – I had seen this floating around on other peoples blogs for quite some time, and I always thought “how awesome would it be to receive free books that are ARC” well it turns out, pretty damn awesome. It was also SO SIMPLE to set up, literally it took me 10 mins on my lunch break and I have not looked back after I started using it.

I really, really love my kindle –ย I always had a lot of love for my kindle, it’s like a lil pocket pal, but a lot of my paper books are hardback, so lugging them around all the time? NAH. My Kindle has pretty much moved into my handbag and I take it everywhere with me. LOVE U KEVIN THA KINDLE.ย (Yes that’s his name).

Reading is personal to you – I knew this already, don’t get me wrong. But I went through a phase mid 2019 where I was thinking to myself my reviews or the books I was reading weren’t what other people wanted to see on my blog. Then I gave myself a literal slap around the face and saidย it’s your blog, and reading is personal to you. You read what you like and write how you like.ย And honestly, I when you read my reviews that is literally how I would talk about a book if I was videoing myself reviewing it lmao.

I probably have made a few smaller bookish discoveries, in terms of books I’ve found or new authors, but those ones are the main discoveries I made in 2019.

I’m really excited for what 2020 brings me in terms of books, ARC or otherwise too!

Em xxx

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